We have a lineup of various rare champagnes,
wines and other drinks available.
 We can also prepare drinks to suit your tastes.
If you have a request,

we will do our best to prepare it if you
make a reservation in advance, so please
feel free to contact us.

Group plan for 10 or more people

●  5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (2 hours)
● Champagne plan with meal course
25,000 yen (per person) for two hours
●  Please reserve either course.
・ Shrimp shabu-shabu
・ Octopus shabu-shabu

※Please check with us about allergies in advance
※ We require a reservation at least three days in advance 

Click here for reservation inquiries by e-mail

Please press the submit button after inputting the required information for the
reservation on the form below. We will contact you by e-mail or telephone later.

Please enter your desired time in the remarks section if you want to see a show.

Privacy policy applies

🌟 To tour companies and tour conductors
10% kickback when paying in cash
5% kickback when using a card
Kickback by bank transfer
Please ask at the time of making your reservation



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